In the next few weeks we will be highlighting the successes of some of our International students here at CIHA. For our first spotlight we feature Hisham Barayan from Saudi Arabia. 
Hisham Barayan is the Academy’s first player to come from Saudi Arabia. Born to a Saudi Arabian father and a Canadian mother, Hisham discovered hockey at a young age. By the age of three Hisham was skating and playing at the only arena found in the middle-eastern country.  Hisham continued playing hockey in Saudi Arabia until he enrolled at the Canadian International Hockey Academy. Moving to Ottawa, Hisham began his CIHA career in Grade 9 playing for the Varsity team. Thanks to Coach Alain Raymond and his drive to improve, Hisham was able to gain the standards needed to compete at the AAA level. His second year at CIHA led him to play Major Bantam AAA with Coach Andre Savage, who further helped him by expanding his hockey knowledge. This past season, he played with the Minor Midget AAA team.  He credits all of his coaches and his access to daily ice-time for his quick jump to AAA. Hisham will start his fourth year with CIHA in September and will play on the Midget AAA team.  He hopes to pursue Junior A and University hockey after graduation. 

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