The CIH Academy offers a true boarding-school experience. Living away from home helps students develop leadership and prepares them for the transition to post-secondary education and adulthood.

Our comfortable and secure dormitory can accommodate up to 90 student-athletes.

Each room is furnished with beds, dressers, desks, chairs, and a closet. Students can share a small refrigerator in their room for late-night snacks.

House parents

It’s important for our student-athletes to have parent-like advisors while living away from home. Carefully screened and selected house parents live on each floor and provide a nurturing and caring environment for our boarders. House parents are there for students who perhaps don't feel well, have a problem, need advice or simply want someone to talk to.

Campus security

Our top priority is the security and safety of our student-athletes. The CIH Academy provides a safe campus where your child will feel secure. The campus is well lit and staffed 24 hours a day, and the dormitory features video surveillance and controlled entry via secure access overnight.

All staff and students are drilled in emergency procedures to ensure that everyone is well prepared and kept safe.

Health services

The health and wellbeing of our students is a CIH Academy priority. To this end, they have the benefit of professional assessment and quick diagnosis by local medical professionals.  If and as required, they also have full access to all the local hospitals and a range of medical specialists.

Campus Life

We’ve welcomed students from 40 different countries including the United States, Mexico, France, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Austria and Australia just to name a few.

Campus life at the CIH Academy is fun and rewarding. Students from different cultures live and learn together as one—it’s an amazing experience that fosters friendships that last a lifetime.

Jeremy has returned to us with a mature outlook on life and his future. We always knew he would grow while away but we didn’t expect to have a young man returned to us! We thank you all for that.
Nicole Vasquez, AU

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