The Canadian International Hockey Academy began as a dream. In 2001, civic-minded Ontario businessman Robert Bourdeau had the idea of bringing a quality education and elite hockey experience to the heart of Hockey Country. Here, students would gain valuable experience and skills while living in a private boarding school environment.

Mr. Bourdeau envisioned a private hockey academy where top competitive hockey players from Canada, the United States, and around the world could come to Eastern Ontario to live, learn, and play hockey. They would enjoy a state-of-the-art campus with the pro-style facilities, faculty, and educational program to deliver a premier hockey education. The program would provide exposure to world-class hockey along with a lifetime of leadership experience.

Mr. Bourdeau worked tirelessly for a decade before the CIH Academy opened its doors to its first students in 2011. He developed strong relationships with important partners such as the City of Clarence-Rockland and Hockey Canada.

Mr. Bourdeau still holds the CIH Academy very close to his heart and remains involved with the school to ensure the success and continuity of his vision.

Robert Bourdeau
Robert BourdeauPresident & Founder