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The Canadian International Hockey Academy (CIHA) is now recognized as a Hockey Canada Accredited School (HCAS)!

Our program will continue to deliver our elite athletic and academic programs but the most significant change in being sanctioned as a HCAS is that Canadian players are not restricted from attending and playing at any HCAS.

In the past CIHA were restricted on accepting players from within our immediate region. As CIHA grows, we are very excited that our program is officially open to all student athletes who would like to attend with no limitations in place for where you live or where you played during the previous season.  Anyone from the region can now submit an application to become a CIHA Voyageur!

HCAS are programs that provide education-first programming for student athletes while providing elite hockey programming as part of the student’s life.  A HCAS must:

  • Have its education programming connected with one recognized educational institution (CIHA’s academic partner is Blyth Academy) that has a physical premise for the student to attend within the Province where they reside, consistent with the school structure in the province;
  • Be a recognized Ministry of Education approved educational institution with a physical premise for students to attend;
  • Comply with the required standards contained in the HCAS Policy.

To book a campus visit and hockey evaluation, please contact

For more information on HCAS Policy and Hockey Canada by-law, you may consult the following links:

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