Thank you for your interest in discovering what makes the Canadian International Hockey Academy such a special place to learn and grow. As a secondary institution that recruits, educates and trains student-athletes from around the world, CIH Academy provides a uniquely rich and diversified experience.

We offer professional-level facilities and an elite hockey program, as well as a world-class educational program provided by Blyth Academy. We challenge our students in the classroom and on the ice, developing young athletes’ minds, bodies, and spirits. We prepare them for post-secondary education and beyond.

These are formative years of self-discovery and personal growth for your child. We know that finding the best fit—academically, athletically and socially—is hugely important for parents in choosing a school. We honour the trust you place in us. We’re proud to help your child meet the challenges of the complex world in which we live.

Come visit our campus and see for yourselves all our school has to offer.

We look forward to meeting you!

The CIH Academy Admissions Team

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