In the early morning hours of November 9th, the Midget White and Green boys and staff boarded the CIHA coach bus and headed east for the Canadian Sport School Hockey League Eastern Canada Showcase in Halifax, Nova Scotia. 
The 13 hour trek was filled with school work, movies, games, hockey talk, and of course, sleep in preparation for 3 games each over Friday and Saturday. The boys didn’t arrive until Thursday evening, and it was straight to bed for an early morning start.Due to the travel time, it would be a very busy weekend with not much down time for both teams, and coupled with uncooperative weather, the focus would be more towards on-ice play. White would go 2-1 over the weekend, while Green would go 1-2. Here is a recap of the games on Day 1 and Day 2.After Green’s final game on Saturday at 2:30, the teams jumped on the bus and headed home overnight. Both teams play Monday evening so having a full day off on Sunday to rest and recuperate was crucial.While it was a short weekend, the teams had a great time playing in a new city against new teams in a well-organized showcase. There’s nothing quite like spending a combined 26 hours on a bus with your peers!The CSSHL Eastern Showcase Series shifts to CIHA from February 2nd-4th.The CSSHL is a Sport School League based in Western Canada. They currently feature 19 sport schools and 69 teams spread out over 7 divisions. 

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