This past weekend, CIHA played host to the Midget Prep AAA Eastern Showcase ran by the Canadian Sport School Hockey League (CSSHL). 
The showcase ran from February 10th-12th, and featured 11 teams including CIHA Voyageurs White and Green. The showcase was an “East vs West” style, with CSSHL teams facing off against Ontario based academies. A total of 19 games were played over the weekend, highlighting the competiveness and bringing out the best in all of the teams.  On Friday night, CIHA Voyageurs Green played top 3 Canadian ranked, Yale Hockey Academy, to a 4-4 tie.Coach Al was very impressed with his team’s performance: “In the past 6 years that I have been at CIHA as a Midget head coach, tonight’s game was by far one of the best games ever. The boys all showed up, prepared to compete and you could feel it before the game. There was a level of intensity during this game that the boys surprised me with. “We were able to come the whole game without quitting, giving us the edge that we needed to tie the game against a strong team. Yale was a great competitor and we finished really strong.” The CSSHL is a Sport School League based in Western Canada. They currently feature 18 sport schools and 60 teams spread out over 7 divisions. 

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