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The Graduating Class of 2024


On the evening of Wednesday, May 15th, we celebrated the Class of 2024 along with our entire student body and the year it was!

It was a perfect evening as we brought together the CIHA family one last time before the summer break.

This year, we celebrated our first ever 5 year grads with Aries Benuen and Solomon Kim who made CIHA history!

Whether you attended CIHA for 1 year or 5 years, these Grads have come from all corners of the globe to attend CIHA and we are so proud to celebrate their accomplishment with them. We want to congratulate these 15 young men who embodied and embraced our School. Hockey. Life. motto throughout their time here.

We could not be more proud of this special group for what they have accomplished over the last several year and we look forward to watching you continue to strive towards your goals!

Congratulations to the Class of 2024!

Aries Benuen (5 year grad)

Solomon Kim (5 year grad)

Henry Newell (3 year grad)

Lukas Plank (3 year grad)

Nikita Schneider (3 year grad)

Danylo Tsybulskyi (3 year grad)

Liam Lavictoire (2 year grad)

Cayden Shields (2 year grad)

Jeremy Bessette (1 year grad)

Matis Bureau-Morel (1 year grad)

Jason Cyr (1 year grad)

Remi Gendron (1 year grad)

Bryan Ho (1 year grad)

Colin Leeb (1 year grad)

Sebastiano Moroni (1 year grad)

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