If you’re a hockey fan, chances are you’ve heard of famous families who have played the game such as the Sutters or the Staals. Meet the Canadian International Hockey Academy’s version: The Odermatts.
From four year veteran to fresh faced rookie, the four brothers, Markus, Thomas, Nicolas, and Titus get to enjoy one very special season together at CIHA before they begin the next chapters of their hockey careers and education. The first to move on will be Markus, who has been at CIHA since grade 9 and will graduate this year. Thomas is in grade 11 and in his 3rd year, Nicolas is in grade 10 in his 2nd year, and Titus is in grade 8 and is enjoying his rookie season at CIHA. Along with each student being in a different grade, they also represent each of the four teams at CIHA with Markus on CIHA Green, Thomas on CIHA White, Nicolas on Midget AA, and Titus on Bantam AAA. Born to a Japanese-Okinawan mother and Swiss father, the Odermatts, who spent most of their childhood growing up on the sub-tropical island of Okinawa, Japan, grew their love for the game in a non-traditional market before attending CIHA. Their father always wanted to play hockey as a child but never had an opportunity as there were no rinks nearby growing up. He attended Boston College later on which really piqued his interest in the game, laying the groundwork for the next generation. The Odermatt’s would play organized hockey in Okinawa and supplement their skills with inline hockey amongst themselves due to the lack of ice time. They would later move north to Sapporo for a more competitive environment. Their father also maintained a yard rink where the boys would continue to hone their skills through heated sibling rivalries. All four boys play a fast and skilled game which they’ve developed over the years through different styles of hockey, although there was a transition period learning the Canadian style of play at CIHA. More skilled competition and a more structured game proved to be an initial challenge for the Odermatt boys who dominated the opposition growing up, but they have since overcome those obstacles to be an integral part of their teams at CIHA. Markus overcame a knee injury last year and finished this season with 14 points in 29 games. Thomas, who is an assistant captain for CIHA White is having a breakout season with 21 points in 31 games. Nicolas, who also wears an “A” for his Midget AA team led them in scoring with 21 points in 27 games. Titus, who is playing above his age group and is the second youngest skater on the Bantam AAA team has shown considerable improvement as the season went on. He finished with 7 points in 30 games. Hockey not only resonates with these four boys, but throughout the entire eight sibling Odermatt family.  Older siblings Lukas (age 23) and Andrea (age 20) were the first to hit the ice. Andrea was a prospect for the Women’s Swiss Olympic Team but unfortunately did not make it to South Korea. She currently plays in Lugano, Switzerland in the Swiss Women’s Hockey League-A with an eye on the 2022 Olympic Games in Beijing, China. Younger siblings Sophia (age 11) and Darius (age 9) are on their way to playing competitive hockey abroad as well. Andrea was originally recruited by CIHA but was unable to attend due to prior commitments, which opened the door for her younger brothers to get their education and train at CIHA. Beyond their careers at CIHA, Markus, Thomas, Nicolas, and Titus would like to continue playing hockey, hopefully moving onto Junior A and eventually landing a scholarship in the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and following in their parents footsteps into the medical field. For now, the brothers will enjoy the final few months in what is a truly unique and special year for not only them, but the entire Odermatt family.

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