3200 Handy Hooks Delivered to Local Health Care Facilities

On Thursday, thanks to the help of Millie Bourdeau, who is the Director of Public Safety and Enforcement at the Russell Township, we delivered 3200 Handy Hooks to the Embrun Ambulance Station in Embrun, Ontario. The Station will then distrubute the hooks on our behalf to the region’s nursing homes and hospitals, as well as to the Eastern Ontario Health Unit.
The Handy Hooks were graciously donated by AJKM, a manufacturing company based in Ilkeston, United Kingdom. Current student Kieran Chung has been assisting in manufacturing the product in his spare time.

The Handy Hook is designed to be used for things such as opening doors and pressing elevator buttons so that direct contact with these surfaces can be limited or avoided altogether. This can potentially reduce the spread of COVID-19 by limiting contact to surfaces in high-traffic areas.

Thank you to Kieran and AJKM for your selfless donation and contribution to help stop the spread of COVID-19!