Current Student Kieran Chung Assisting with COVID-19 Efforts

Current student Kieran Chung has been volunteering his time to assist in the manufacturing of a product that can help limit the spread of COVID-19.
The product is called the Handy Hook, and can be used for things such as opening doors or pressing evelator buttons so that direct contact with these surfaces can be limited or avoided altogether. Kieran has been volunteering at AJKM, a company in Ilkeston, United Kingdom to help manufacture these products. 

In a great gesture, Kieran and AJKM will donate 3200 Handy Hooks to CIHA to distribute to hospitals and care homes.

"As CIHA is my second home, I’m hoping that our donation of 3200 Handy Hooks can be put to use to not only protect those still working through this pandemic but also to limit the transfer of this infection in the community so that we may be in a better position to return to normality as quickly as is safely possible," Kieran said.