Post-Secondary Counselling

CIH Academy aims to prepare every student for the rigours of university and college life through our tailored prep-school education and comprehensive guidance counselling. Working closely with students and parents, the School Principal and Guidance Counsellor will help with the process of applying to post-secondary schools, and assist with admissions processes, scholarship applications, and scouting. With this invaluable assistance from their advisors, CIH Academy students are equipped to make informed decisions about their post-secondary education choices.


College Prep International offers CIH Academy students professional assistance in gaining admission to North American colleges and universities. Experienced professional educators assist students throughout the complex admission and testing procedures associated with the SAT exam.

General course objectives 

Students will:
  • examine the content of the SAT 1 test
  • develop test-taking strategies unique to the the SAT exam
  • write a practice SAT test
  • determine individual subjects which require greater focus when preparing for the test
  • design personal study schedules and time-management techniques
  • work on specific areas of concerns under the guidance of specialized SAT teachers