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The Outdoor Rink (ODR) Capital Project

The CIH Academy is proud to announce the ODR Capital Project to improve our outdoor rink. Located behind the Tomlinson building, the ODR allows our students to lace up their skates and enjoy the fresh air during the winter months.

Since the ODR is weather dependent, it is typically used from mid-December through February. We plan to add a concrete slab to make the ODR accessible year-round, to add lighting for nighttime play, and to add netting for spectator safety.

The new and improved ODR will be the ideal spot for outdoor activities and will allow CIH Academy students to spend more time outside, practicing their stickhandling and shooting abilities under sunny skies.


The ODR Capital Project aims to:

  • add a concrete slab
  • replace rink boards
  • add lighting
  • add netting at each end
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Improving our students’ well-being and overall experience has always been top priorities for us at CIHA and this project aligns with our objectives.
- Robert Bourdeau,
President & Founder