As we enter into the holiday break, that means it’s time for the annual tradition of the McLeod Cup, an event that both staff and students circle on their calendars.
The McLeod Cup combines all participating staff, students and alumni into a pool and a live draft then takes place. A tournament style format is then played with a winning team being crowned at the end. A perfect way to let loose and see the lighter side of the students and staff before the holiday break.There would be four teams in total and about 50 participants in the tournament. The four goalies, who were team captains were Jackson Parsons, Francis Plant, Michael Lenhart, and CIHA Programs Coordinator Rejean Amyot. In a surprise twist, the staff would opt out of the draft and form their own team, leaving the 3 remaining goalies to select from students and alumni.We had several alumni join us for this year’s tournament. They were: Donovan Sebrango (Kitchener, OHL), Jake Jurgeneit (Nepean, CCHL), Owen Dunne (Nepean, CCHL), River Gull (Rockland, CCHL), Sam Mattie (Casselman, CCHL2), and Etienne Agius-Pease (Casselman, CCHL2).Once the teams were selected it was game on! Each team would play three games before the top two teams advanced to a one game final.While it was a friendly tournament, the competition was intense with the amount of highly skilled and competitive students and former professional hockey players on all of the teams.Once each team completed their games, two teams were left standing at the top: Team Parsons and Team Plant. They played an entertaining final game but it would be Team Parsons would come out on top, winning the 2018 McLeod Cup!It was the perfect way to cap off the first three and a half months of school by bringing the CIHA family together one last time in 2018 before the students head home for the holiday break!For more pictures, check out our Facebook page.See everyone in 2019!

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